Yale No 1 DMG/PB Security Nightlatch 60mm
Yale No.1 DMG/PB Security Nightlatch

Automatically deadlocked when door is in the closed position.
Suitable for use with glass panel doors.
Latchbolt is withdrawn by handle from inside and key outside.
Handle can be deadlocked by key prior to closing the door and
entry can always be gained by key from outside.
Bolt can be held back by slide button or locked in either the
withdrawn or extended position by a turn of the key in the middle.

For extra cylinder keys cut for this lock, please visit our Locksmith
Department situated under the Security section of our website.

No.1 60mm Backset
Dark Metallic Grey Case Finish
Polished Brass Cylinder
Supplied with 2 keys


Manufacturer: YALE manufacturers_image