Contact Adhesive Spray 500ml
Usage / Purpose
CT600 is a high strength contact adhesive in an easy-to-use 500 ml
handheld canister. It is ideal for quick and simple bonding of many
common materials, including: wood, cardboard, fibrous insulation
materials, paper, plastics, canvas, cork, rubber, fabrics and foam,
either to themselves or onto brickwork, concrete, stone and plaster.

Key Benefits
A powerful contact adhesive in a convenient easy-to-use 500 ml canister
Dries rapidly to form a high strength bond with porous and non-porous materials
Integral adjustable nozzle allows precise control of the spray pattern to suit any particular job
Versatile formulation - can be used as a one-way, contact or temporary tacking adhesive
Excellent coverage - up to 5 m² of bonded area from a single canister

CT600 is a high strength contact adhesive made from a blend of
synthetic rubber and resin that is supplied in an easy-to-use 500 ml
handheld sprayable canister.


Manufacturer: EVERBUILD manufacturers_image

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