335 Construction Silicone Toffee LMA Sealant 295ml
Construction Silicone Sealant 335

The 335 Construction sealant is a 310ml sized cartridge. 355 is a
low modulus, reactive curing silicone sealant that cures quickly to
reduce dirt pick up.

335 remains permanently flexible, forming a weather tight rubber-
like seal. It conforms to the performance requirements of BS 5889
(A) and has a faster curing time than conventional low mod
sealants with an extremely low dirt pick up. It is also flexible and
waterproof giving a good sound seal for a professional finish.

It contains a powerful anti fungal compound to prevent mould
growth and will cover a great range of applications like:-Sealing
around PVCu profile, trim and cladding, perimeter pointing to
PVCu, timber and metal window and door frames, weather sealing
to pre-formed panels and formwork, glass to glass and glass to
aluminium weather sealing, cap glazing and remedial glazing
sealing and also general draught proofing.

Size: 310ml
Colour: Toffee