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5 Minute Insight - Architectural Ironmongery

MAC Building Products Ltd have been supplying architectural ironmongery for over 30 years. For our first 5 Minute Insight, we’re talking to Andrea about architectural ironmongery and why it’s so important to get it right.


What is architectural ironmongery?

Architectural ironmongery is a broad term for hardware used on doors and openable windows in a building project. It makes a building secure, safe, and accessible while providing a coordinating aesthetic throughout. Architectural ironmongery plays a key part in completing any project because all buildings need door handles, hinges, locks etc.  It sounds simple but it can be quite complex.


100mm Satin Stainless Steel Fire Door Hinge - Certifire EN1935 suitable for FD30/60 doors

Why can it be complicated?

There is a lot to consider. The type of door hardware will depend on the type of building you’re working on. Are you working with security doors or fire doors? Are there environmental issues which will limit the types of metal that can be used? Is it a high traffic setting? Are there acoustic regulations or energy efficiency concerns? You have to take into account all kinds of performance requirements before even thinking about aesthetic designs. When talking about architectural ironmongery, people often think it means the finishing touches, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.


How soon into a project should you start considering this hardware?

Anyone who schedules architectural ironmongery will tell you it is essential for building contractors, interior designers, and architects to schedule and specify early on in a project. The standard and functionality of the hardware is really important in getting a project officially signed off and approved by inspectors. For a successful project and a happy client, the ironmongery must be completed correctly, and early attention is necessary. Scheduling, choosing, sourcing, and testing products can take a long time and it can be costly if not done properly.


How does MAC help?

We supply hinges, door furniture, seals, door closers, locks and latches, escape hardware, and fixings and fasteners. Over the years we have helped with domestic projects, commercial office projects, hospitals, schools, and large-scale housing developments. Our experience means we are ideally suited to helping you choose and source architectural ironmongery that meets your project’s exact requirements. We have built up brilliant relationships with many trusted manufacturers and can therefore ensure the design complies with the industry guidelines.


Do you think architectural ironmongery has changed much over the years?

The standards and designs certainly have. When I first started work at MAC, brass was hugely popular with probably only black antique also in demand. Now there is a huge range of finishes to compliment any architectural design. Products need to be innovative as well as effective, and it has been great to see designs evolve over the years. I still get excited to see new ideas come to life, and especially to see them on a finished project.


If you’d like to know more about the architectural ironmongery we offer, or need help identifying the right products for your project, please get in touch with our team, who will be more than happy to help.