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Staying safe this winter!

So… winter is certainly here!

With the arrival of cold (and rainy) weather, it’s important to think about the low temperatures while working on construction sites. The cold can introduce additional risks into an already high-risk environment. During the winter months, building projects can become more challenging, and it’s vital to keep on top of health and safety procedures to prevent accidents onsite.

Low temperatures can affect H&S in numerous ways including affecting a person’s behaviour. Did you know that it’s more difficult to concentrate when feeling cold, so errors of judgement are more likely to happen? The cold can also affect physical ability which is important when undertaking manual tasks and operating machinery. People can sometimes rush jobs to avoid the cold, meaning that H&S policies may not be met.

At MAC we stock a choice of site lights to ensure the area is well lit during the winter months, when there are fewer daylight hours. Using additional lighting will make it easier to work and prevent hazards which would be prevalent if it was dark. We also stock a range of hi-vis clothing; essential when warning others of your location on site.

When ice or snow is forecast, gritting must always be carried out to cover frozen areas to prevent dangerous falls. For the safety of workers and visitors, snow must be cleared in working areas and walkways. And in view of the frequent wet weather, considering other weather hazards like slippery surfaces, is a must.

At this time of year, it’s always best to be prepared and it’s important to understand that things will slow down on site. Duties will take longer while materials are covered or moved to protect them from the low temperatures or wet weather. Workers may be late, and they may even miss whole days if bad weather affects their commute. Deliveries of building materials could also be delayed for the same reasons. Working with more layers of clothing, taking gloves on and off, and warming up throughout the day for example, might only take a few extra seconds but they can add up.

Look after yourselves this winter, and don’t forget we stock all kinds of protective workwear, including winter warmers to help get you through it. We can supply rock salt, site lighting, hessian, frostproofer and de-icer.

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