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Product Appreciation Post: Reisser R2 Performance Woodscrews

Having products you can rely on to do the job, time and again, makes all the difference when you’re on site. In our product appreciation posts, we give a shout out to some of our customer’s favourite products and explain how they can help to make your life easier. Today, we’re highlighting the Reisser R2 Performance Woodscrews.

Cheap woodscrews seem like a great idea until they start camming out or shearing at the touch of a drill bit. Whilst the Reisser R2 Performance Woodscrews might cost you a bit more upfront, you can feel the difference as soon as you start driving them in. Suitable for use in all timbers (including hardwoods) plus board materials, with or without a pilot hole, we get nothing but positive feedback from customers using these screws.

Illustrated image of a Reisser R2 Woodscrew with the elements highlighted in the blog post numbered 1-6.
From the reinforced collar to the 25° needle point, there are lots of reasons to choose the Reisser R2 Woodscrew for your next project.

6 reasons to choose R2 Woodscrews 

1.    Reinforced collar

The reinforced collar under the head gives additional support to prevent snapping. The collar also allows a wide, deep pozi to be inserted, allowing the best possible fit to the driver bit. This reduces the risk of the bit camming out (slipping out) and damaging the head of the screw.

2.    Lubricated, sharp, wide, deep thread

The unique, invisible Reisser lubricant helps the screw drive in quickly and easily, providing up to 40% less resistance and making for a more efficient installation process across a range of applications. Meanwhile, the tried and tested thread pattern offers exceptionally high pull-out resistance.

3.    High Strength

Specially hardened steel gives the R2 maximum tensile and torsional strength, giving you confidence that they will perform securely and reliably.

4.    Yellow tropicalized finish

The yellow tropicalized finish offers superior rust resistance compared to the standard BZP screw, helping to prevent corrosion and maintain performance overtime.

5.    Choice of thread

Available in full thread (primarily for board materials) or part thread (primarily for pulling two pieces of timber together tightly) the Reisser R2 Woodscrew allows you to choose the most suitable thread for your project, ensuring the best possible performance.

6.    25° Needle Point

TheR2’s very sharp, 25° point with the thread running to the end allows immediate starting and removes the need for pre-drilling, giving the ability to penetrate almost all timbers without a pilot hole, speeding up installation.

The R2 is available in a wide range of sizes to meet your project needs. We get nothing but rave reviews back from customers using these screws, so we are certain of their reliability. And if you’re happy, we’re happy!


If you would like any further information on these high-performance woodscrews, please get in touch and we’ll be glad to help.

Reisser R2 Woodscrews offer a versatile and high-performing option for a variety of applications.